Software update: Blindwrite v4.2.6 - improved AutoPlay

I just posted the article Software update: Blindwrite v4.2.6 - improved AutoPlay.

After reporting about a preview version of the new Blindwrite version, 4.2.6, we can now find the official version on its homepage. Our thanks goes to Shoebedobedoo who reported this news via our…

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I d/l the preview l/n, but went had had a look on the official page and there she was the full blown version:) Sorry about the lack posts of late, but I have been ill stuck in bed for 3 days now, cannot get rid of this chest infection :frowning: At the moment I look like a corpse that has just been dug up :c Yikes. Greets The Diplomat :8 (Better give up these cigars, bad for me health):8

let’s hope its not lung cancer

I wish you to recover soon … anyway…if you could stop smoking would be better i suppose ! A smile from Italy !

You should quit. I tried the patches but damn I just couldn’t keep them lit!

If you are smokin’ too much… slow down your burn speed:9 just kiddin’ What i found that helped me stop smoking was every time I had a craving I borrowed some ones cigarette an did a ‘sniff’ with my nose of the hot end … not too close or it will burn the hairs in your nose… It smells like crap, but helps get rid of the craving! I don’t know if I’ll ever ‘quit’ smoking; but I have “stopped” smoking now for 5 years… Best of luck, -Dave