Software to verify burnt Data?


Im looking for a util to verify that the data which I burnt to CDR/DVDR is identical with the original (on HDD).

I read on some forums that Nero doesnt make a great job ?!

At the moment I found GiPo@FileUtilities on

Has anybode experience with this soft? Or is there another one thats better even freeware?

Thanks in advance

Nero does a piss-poor job of it, and it assures you that files are verified correct, when 1/2 the files are unreadable/unrecoverable!

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Hope this helps ya :slight_smile:

Nero works fine.

Nero has an option to verify written files.
You can always use the FC command in command prompt.

CDCheck get’s my vote too. In my book it’s a must-have freeware :cool:

I am not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but you can compare .wav files with EAC. (“Compare .WAVs” function in the “Tools” menu at the top.)


I prefer CDCheck too. Very good program for this particular job. And I don’t use Nero verification because I don’t want to use my recorder for that.