Software to read EXACTLY what's on a cd



is there any software out there that allows you to read exactly what is on a cd, not just the general info that windows explorer or “disc info” in burning programs give you? for instance, i need to know whether a rewritable disc has been quick-erased or full-erased. also, i have had a few discs corrupted by burning programs, so they won’t burn at all. also, i suppose you could use this to read copy protection. i’ve had so much trouble with bad discs and bad burning programs that this would be very useful to me.

norton utilities used to have software like this for floppies and hard drives back in ms-dos days.


As far as I know, there isnt such a program to do the job you want.
The difference between quick-erase and full-erase is similar to quick format and full format. ‘Quick’ will just delete the mastertable of that storage device/media (meaning that nothing can search for or look up anything on the storage device/media).

Since nothing can look it up… I don’t think there is such a program…


I think a bit of the stuff - like reading some of the bad discs - can be done by IsoBuster. But definitely not all of the functionality you ask for.


ALL Packet writing programs suck. your best solution is quit using them. use a usb external hard drive for data back up and a pen drive for storage portability. for long time storage use CDR and DVDR media.


you could try and use a program like disc dump to move the contents of the disc to the hard drive, where a hex editor would probably be needed in order to find the contents of what was there.