Software to read and display CDG's



I’m new here, so go easy on me. I have a plextor 52/24/52 and it does support karaoke cd’s, however I’m guessing I need a certain software or firmware upgrade utilize it. Can you help?


There is not alot of software to read CDG discs as they are ‘different’. The drive you have came with PlexTools Pro and with the DiscCopier in the preferences you can enable ‘Copy CD+G’ function to copy a CDG disc. Easy CD Creator 6.XX basic will copy a CDG if you enable Raw Copy in Disc Copier but will not play a cdg…dont call them for help because they will deny any support for CDG…even though it is their software :slight_smile: You can refer to or for some help in viewing CDG and if they cant help you then I am sorry…good luck.


CloneCD can also do it. Use the Multimedia CD Profile.


@ tonyman54,

The best software to use with CD+G Karaoke is MicroStudio by MTU (

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Thanks everybody,
I’ll get right on it. I truly appreciate your help.