Software to put pictures onto DVD

Looking for software to put some pictures of my neices wedding onto DVD background music and nice transitions would be a bonus

cheers pothole

There are lots of different softwares that do this to varying degrees. Go to , and search for video slideshow. Then you can get an idea of what the different softwares offer, and how easy or hard they are to use. Many of them do an ok job, and some offer tons of bells and whistles, usually for a price.

My preference: Ulead DVD MovieFactory.

I own version 2.0 and 3.0 and they make slideshows effectively. I havent try others tho.

I like photoDVD its so easy to use just drop your photos in and then do the same with your music files…

I like ulead video studio. you can choose how long each picture play. i like the zoom feature where i zoom in and enlarge my daughter’s face. alot of features and easy to use. you can d/l a trial version from the ulead website.

Best one I’ve used is Photodex Proshow. :slight_smile:

I use DVDLab Pro.

I use Nero Vision express - has almost everything I need - random transitions, music, changeable length of pics etc - whats more - you can get a month long free trial :wink: