Software to modify video length?

Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone knew of a good direction for me to go on this question. Basically what I want to do is remove credits at the end of my movies. I am trying to fit some movies on a dual layer but the total size of the movies is more than 8.5gb.

Pretty much what I need is something similar to wavepad for editing sound files. Is that possible with video files as well?..To remove certain segments. Thanks for any help you might have!

If you don’t mind losing the menus, and extras you can do this with DVDShrink. Go to ReAuthor mode and use the Start/End frame tool to select the exact section you want to save…ie from the beginning of the movie to the point where the credits begin. Make sure to set output to use [B]No Compression[/B]. This will give you the main movie with no credits in a Video_TS folder.

If you want to keep all the menus and extras, but remove the credits, look at a commercial program called DVDRemake. There is a subforum for DVDRemake here at cdfreaks:

Thanks Kerry! I will have a look at these :slight_smile:

Just to keep your options open here are some other shortcuts you might also like to consider.

First and foremost, if you’re looking for a quick user friendly fix, Menushrink is a great piece of software and I’d highly recommend it.

It converts menus to user selectable stills and you can also choose whether to strip or retain the audio.

All of which is very easy to accomplish with this software and it works exceptionally well.

If you’re a bit more technically minded most end credits are contained in separate cells on the DVD and PgcEdit can remove whatever cells you require.

You can also use PgcEdit to remove unwanted content (intros, outros, trailers, warnings, specific extras etc.) by killing playback of unwanted PGCs.

Quite often PgcEdit’s Jump2PGC function when used to jump directly to the main menu will make a lot of material uncalled and it’s cleanup functions can automatically remove this material.

You can of course combine all of these techniques if you’re really tight for space.