Software to manage media files

I am putting together a very large media library, around 1.5 to 2 TB’s. What are some good programs (preferably free) to manage a large volume of media files? I know certain players (WinAMP, MPlayer I think) come with media library managers but I wanted to get some advice on what you guys think.


thisis just my preference, but if you organize your files from the start, it’s not hard to simply manually keep a very retailed and organized library with windows explorer.

i hate letting media programs manage my files. i refuse to use the library functions of any mp3 players…my files are well enough organized where its more effective for me to do it myself.

one tool that I find indispensable for files that don’t have neat renaming tools (ie non-mp3s) is Total Commander. in addition to the million awesome uses it has, it has a batch rename tool and find/replace within the filename and saves a TON of time on renaming and organizing.

I know you’re looking for program recommendations and I can’t give any beacuse I don’t use any…this is just my alternate opinion!

also, 1.5-2TBs ::drool:: :slight_smile:

Thats cool. I am open to any ideas/suggestions/recommendations. This is my first stab at putting together a multimedia/entertainment PC. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.