Software to make mixed audio/data CD

I know how to make an “Enhanced CD” or “CD Extra”. You just burn the audio first as one session, don’t finalize the disc, and then burn the data as a second session.

However I’m having trouble figuring out how to make a CD where I can burn the whole thing as one disc-at-once session, the data lies in the first track and the audio is track 2 onward. This was done on a lot of old DOS and Win95 games and I’m trying to back some of mine up. My problem is this: I want to use Alcohol to back up the data but I want to use Exact Audio Copy to rip the audio since I want to rip in secure mode. Then I want to be able to piece the CD back together using the data track from Alcohol, then discarding the audio from the Alcohol rip and use the audio from the EAC rip instead. A little over-complicated I know, but I want accurate results.

Any help would be SUPER appreciated.

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