Software to make audio(-cd) on dvd?

Hmm…don’t know if i post in the right forum…but i give it a try.

I have a dvd burner and i want to use it to burn audio to dvd’s like i would to a cd. I don’t mean mp3, mpeg-audio or wma.
I just want to trick my dvd player to think the dvd is a very long audio-cd.

Does any one know a software which allows me to do this??


check for your player on this list

the problem is that a lot of dvd players recognize burnt dvd’s as dvd video only. the site doesnt have any actual search for what you are trying. maybe there is something i’ve overlooked, though.

thank you

i will have a look

What you ask is impossible. AudioCDs use a sector size that simply doesn’t exist in the DVD world. There is NO possible way to encode a true audiocd onto a dvd.
Now you could record a DVD-ROM with one big wav file in PCM format. Of course not every DVD player would be able to play such a thing, but it is possible.

The proper way to do what you ask is to author a DVD-Audio disc. So you need to get a DVD-Audio authoring program and a DVD-Audio player.


thank you

d*mn…now i have to re-encode all music to mpeg-audio…

i was curious if he could put wav’s on and play them as a gigantic audio/data cd in that manor, though. some support mp3’s (although im not sure if thats on dvd’s).

It is possible to put lossless 48 kHz LPCM audio on a DVD video. I don’t know if there is a minimum bitrate for the video, that, in this case would just be blank.

i think it is possible to add a blank video track

winoncd does it too