Software to "evaluate" video quality?



Just wondering if there is such a program as one that would allow me to open a video file, such as an .iso, .avi, .xvid, whatever and have it evaluate the overall quality and compression of the file/movie before committing to burning to disc.

I know I could play it back on the PC, but things always look better on a PC monitor compared to a big screen TV, and it would suck to waste a DVD-R to burn something that ends up looking like arse on the TV.



How would you evaluate the quality? Measure mbps? Generally, to evaluate, you watch it…

Also, how do you play xvid or avi on TV? Do you run Tv output from video card or have a DVD Player that can read these formats?


I always burn to a DVD RW first to see how it looks on the TV. If it looks bad, just erase the DVD RW.


yeah, i thought about that, gotta get some RW’s, but i am not sure if my DVD player will play RW discs


If you have a burner that supports it, you can change the bitsetting of a DVD+RW to DVD-ROM. That will play in your standalone.

EDIT: Sorry, meant that you can use a bitsetting utility to change the booktype.