Software to encrypt movie

hello there what software to be use in encrypting movies? thnaks!

dvd shrink

Are you looking to encrypt your movie, or decrypt it? Encrypting it is essentially putting a protection on it so others can’t make a copy. Decrypting is removing the protection so that you can make a copy.

encrypting so that they cannot copy my movie do you know any software for that?

I was actually thinking about the same thing over the weekend. I know it’s an unsual request as we are mostly concerned with making backups of our DVDs, but in case I have a DVD that I would not want others to be able to copy what could I use? Any freeware?

Anybody want to take a shot at this? I don’t think Shrink encrypts the movie when it transcodes. DVDdecrypter removes the protection right?

Haha, if the movie companies with HUGE budgets can’t fully protect their DVDs what makes you think we can do it from our home PCs? :stuck_out_tongue:

I know, I just want to play with some sort of encryption tool. Just for my own curiosity.

ATM there’s nothing serious you can do to protect your own video DVDs, apart maybe from setting region codes in the IFO files…

Maybe using a DVD authoring tool you could alter the normal DVD structure like it is done by protections which add dummy chapters full of bad sectors. You can’t make bad sectors yourself on a DVD but you can point the chapter’s entry to a sector range “outside” the DVD so this chapter can’t be read and crash some DVD rippers.
I don’t have much knowledge about DVD authoring so I don’t know if it can be done or if it will work.
Still this DVD would be easily copiable…

You use software to get past other peoples’ protection to benefit you, but now you want to put that protection back on there? …why? Who are you going to be giving these DVDs to that you need protection on them?

ATM? Asynchronous transfer mode (that’s for network communications)?
I don’t care if it’s easy to copy. I would just like to play around with an encryption tool I guess more for my own intellectual benefit rather than anything else. I guess most people aren’t interested in that around here. Thanks anyway

Maybe you should become a private investigator. See above.