Software to edit MPEG2 files?

I normally use Pinnacle Studio 8 to edit my DV footage. However I now have to edit a bunch of footage that was captured and saved as MPEG2.

I don’t want to convert the MPEG2 video to DV. Rather I would just like to edit it while leaving it in MPEG2 format. Pinnacle Studio 8 does not support this. What would be a good video-editing app (preferably not too expensive) for this? Would Vegas-video work?

Thanks in advance.

Depends on what you need to do. TMPGEnc-DVD Author has a 30-day trial and will do some editing.

Basically what I need to do is trimming the clips. Some basic transitions (fade in, fade out, cross-dissolve) would be useful as well. Occassionally I need to add a narrated audio track.

I’m also using Studio8, and it seems to be able to edit MPEG2 alright. :confused:

M2-edit pro or womble mpeg2vcr are both very good frame accurate mpeg2 editors and they also have transition effects.

TMPGEnc can also be used if you only want to cut and merge. In The meny File -> MPEG Tools there is a merge and cut tool.

i believe that virtualdub-mod allows to edit mpeg files, and with its plug-ins you can do lot

and i found this, maybe it can help (virtualdub-mpeg2 mod)

Virtualdubmod can open and edit mpeg1 and mpeg2 files as well as avi files, but it can only save avi files so it will require format conversions.

A true mpeg2 editor will only reencode transitions but do a direct stream copy of unchanged parts of the source. If the end format is the same as source format you should be able to cut out unwanted parts and save the new file without any transcoding.

and i found this, maybe it can help (virtualdub-mpeg2 mod)

did you check the link? it is the virualdub mpeg2 mod

As ronnylov said, VirtualDUB MPEG2 Mod can ONLY import MPEG2 files ( normal VirtualDUB cannot) and can ONLY save as AVI.

MPEG-VCR from is the best I have used for cutting/fadding/etc MPEG2 files without re-encoding and produces complaint mpeg2 streams. Handles VOB directly as well as AC3 audio.

Mpeg Video Wizard is by far the best mpeg2 editor and it’s designed specifically for mpeg 2 files.
Other extremely expensive software such as Sony Vegas pro. 8, Edius and Avid Composer cannot produce mpeg2 files up to the quality of Mpeg Video Wizard.
Sony Vegas as good as it is does have major rendering problems with mpeg 2s, you only have to look on their forum to see peoples views on this! :doh: