Software to edit home DVDs?

I have 5 or 6 DVDs that were made by a commercial company from 8mm home movies. I have ripped them to my hard drive so they exist as Video_TS files. Is there any way to edit them? I can cut chapters using CloneDVD2 & burn them. But I’d like to combine chapters from different DVD files & burn them. I don’t want to spend alot for software because I only have a few DVDs. Any help would be appreciated.

Virtually any authoring program will do all this. I like TMPGEnc-Author, but it ain’t cheap.

DVDShrink is free, and will do some of this, might be the ticket for you. You’ll want to run it in “re-author” mode and select the parts from the different DVD’s that you want to use. It will wind up being a plain DVD with no menu, and each part will play as a chapter.

Thanks for your suggestions, but DVDShrink won’t allow me to open different DVD files to reauthor them. After opening one file, it “grays out” the button to open other files.

Since you are only doing a few dvds, you could download the trial version of any one of several mpeg editing and authoring tools. One fairly complete program for what you want to do is called Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD. Ulead also has trials for many of their programs.

I personally use VideoReDo Plus for editing mpeg and DVDLab Pro for authoring, both of which have free trials. But DVDLab Pro isn’t a program that will lead you by the hand. It does include a very thorough help file though.

You got it wrong, you have to open the “re-author mode”. It’s not obvious, but it’s there. There are tutorials available for this operation.

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