Software to edit DVD-RAM VR "on-disc"

So far, Nero Vision is my method of choice to import DVD-RAM VR recordings from my ES20 to my PC. It works great except that it would’ve been nice if I could edit the DVD-VR “on-disc”. Theoretically, that’s possible (like Nero does with DVD+VR) but seems like because of the CPRM nature, Nero can’t do it on the Panny-generated recordings on the DVD-RAM VR disc.

So my question is if there’s any other software that can do what I want?


Did some more testing and noticed that even if I create a fresh DVD-VR from scratch on a DVD-RAM and read right back Nero Vision says the disc is finalized, same complain on the Panny-generated DVD-VR mode DVD-RAM disc. Is that a bug in Nero Vision then?

Simply copy the VRO file from the RAM, then re-name it to MPG and you can do all the editing you want with any program you like.

Probably won’t work properly if the disk has more than one program on it.
The best solution is Panasonics DVD-MovieAlbum which unfortunately
only seems to be available with hardware and only works with Panasonic
writers, although I think Hitachi also supply it with their DVD-RAM videocams.

Ulead software supports VRO but I don’t think it does all the things that
DVD-MovieAlbum does. The later will also let you write mpegs to
DVD-RAM to play back on your player.

Sean B

Like I said, Nero Vision works great to import VRO to mpg, but what I want is to do all editing “on-disc” like how the ES20 does to the DVD-RAM disc and like how the +RW recorders and PC would do on the DVD+VR format – just burn the difference. Let’s say I just want to edit 1 of the 20 titles generated by the ES20 on a DVD-RAM disc AND keep the other 19 titles on the disc, I shouldn’t have to import all 20 titles in order to edit the single title I want. Nero Vision is supposed to be able to do that with the Make Editable DVD option. At least it does it with DVD+VR format generated by the Philips DVDR3355. But once I started a DVD-VR burn from scratch on a DVD-RAM disc made by the PC and try to continue edit it later (have never stick into ES20), Nero Vision says the disc is finalized and not allow further editing.

Sounds like what I want. My friend has a DVD videocam and I’ll see if he has the program. Thanks for the suggestion.

If you can find a retail Panasonic Writer with the software, it’s
well worth buying. I’m in the UK where retail Panasonic stuff is
hard to find.

Some further info in the thread:

Sean B

Nero Vision can also burn a DVD-VR with VRO file just like what ES20 does. And ES20 can play back the Nero-generated VR and also record more titles onto the disc. The only problem is that Nero Vision can only create DVD-VR from scratch successfully. When Nero tries to edit an existing DVD-VR RAM disc (even if generated by Nero itself), Nero still complains that the disc has been finalized (even though ES20 can keep writing to it afterwards). And that’s why I think it’s just a bug away from getting Nero to edit an existing DVD-VR disc.

I’ve just been messing about with DVD-MovieAlbumSE v3 which came with
my old LF-D521 drive a couple of years ago. I had to put that drive on the computer
first, it won’t work with my LG 4163. It’s quite good software, similar in many
respects to what’s on the Panasonic Recorder. The About box lists Matshita
as Copyright owner.

As a test I started recording about 5 mins of a 30 min program on TV whilst
I set up the Recorder timer. I then recorded about 55 min with the timer.

I took the DVD to the computer, split the program at the end of the first
show and the start of the adverts. (Single frame step, shuttle search and
fast or slow playback are available). Split it again at the start of the 2nd
28 min program. Deleted the program that just consisted of adverts.

Merged the first 5 min piece with the rest of the first program. Leaving
me with just 2 programs of about 28 min each. I named each program so
that it show up in Navigator on the player. I did all this on the disk and
could also have added 3D Moving Titles, up to 999 markers, 99 chapters.
Or even added other programs from the hard-drive or Export the edited
progams as mpegs to the HD, fairly quickly if I didn’t want any conversions.
Obviously most of this can also be done also on the Recorder. It’s easier on
the computer and effects and 3D titles are available.

The program also allows Virtual Editing with which no information is written
to the DVD-RAM disk, it gets stored on the HD insread so if you later play that
disk back on the computer, it will play back the edited version. It can
identify each disk. Amazingly Virtual Editing works with a Panasonic DVD
ROM as well, so writer not needed.

It’s a pity that this software is not sold separately. I thinks it’s up
to v4+ now.

Sean B

Thanks for your effort and write-up. Sounds like a nice program. I have a question though, after all the editing on PC does the recorder plays and records to the DVD-RAM disc no problem?

No problems there; fully compatable. Just checked again with the
disk I’ve been messing about with.

I tried the 3D Moving titles. It’s very easy and produces good
results. Full control over the chamfer, bevel, skew etc. and the
letters move around on playback.

Adding normal titles to the Navigator screen is a lot quicker and
easier than doing it a letter at a time on the Recorder. Probably
a minute a disk.

I don’t know why Panasonic don’t give this software away
with their recorders. It wouldn’t cost them much and it seems
that the software wa written to work with a standalone anyway.
It seems the only way to get a version that works with any Writer
is to buy a DVD Camcorder that has it included or have a word with
someone who has one. I’d certainly buy the v4+ software if they
put it on sale. v3 is supposed to work on W98 as well.

Sean B

There’s a very good 7 page tutorial on editing using DVD-MovieAlbum at:
This can be saved for reading offline with Firefox.

Also some good PDF’s at:

The software updates are available from these sites as well.

I’ve just found out that I can import from HD to a DVD-RAM that contains other programs quickly and easily with this program even with a 2x drive.
A 29 min program took 6.5 min to copy over to DVD-RAM. The program
was off a 2 hour DVD-RAM.

Sean B

I’ve had a lot of trouble editing from a DVD-RAM. I have a Panasonic DVR and bought a Panasonic DVD writer drive for my PC. I can PLAY the DVD-RAM on my PC, and I can COPY it to my hard drive, but I’ve struck out trying to edit the .VRO-formatted file created by the DVD-RAM. I bought Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 because the salesman said it would allow editing of DVD-RAm disk files, but this was not correct. My DVD drive for the PC came with ULead software, including Movie Favtory, but that didn’t work, either. I wrote ULead and got the following response:

VRO files are not supported by MovieFactory. You can try using third party softwares to convert these files to supported formats like AVI or MPEG. You said these files play on your Dell computer’s software. If it has a ‘video save’ function or anything like that, you can open a .VRO file, then save it to a different format like AVI or MPEG. :sad: