Software to edit DVD copy of TV program



Hi -

I’m recording the Masters golf tournament this week from TV to a DVD disc. Can anyone recommend software to edit out the commercials?

I’m running Windows XP on a Dell PC; I can copy the DVD to my hard-drive with 1Click DVD Copy. After I remove the commercials, I plan to copy the editted program to a new DVD.

Thanks for any help, cobrafan2.


Windows movie maker is easy to learn and easy to use. The resulting WMV file can be converted to anything you want. PS: I love ad’s to. On some of my edits I actually hit 50%, normal 30 to 35%. It’s out of control. Wish they would learn the cold hard fact we get blasted so often we tend to use the mute button, the channel changing remote, and the bathroom and frige as excuses to not see any of this stuff more often. oh well their problem not mine. Anything I have stored does not have even one minute of fodder, And there is nothing they can do about it, and I love that. Seeing an ad on a timeline is not what they had in mind. The process goes quick with some practice. I almost forgot that guy from Holywood saying it was our duty to watch the ad’s. I DON"T THINK SO



so your TV recording is already in MPEG2 format.
My method (source is DVB recording, also MPEG2) is:

  • Demultiplexing using ProjectX
  • Removing ads and other crap with mpeg2schnitt
  • (Re-)Authoring to DVD format with Ifoedit or DVDauthorGUI
  • ImgBurn (or any other burning software like Nero) to burn them on DVD.

All these programs (except the burning app) are free software. There are many good tutorials on and At these sites you can also get the software you need.



I personally use TMPGEnc DVD Author, well worth the purchase price, can directly import a VIDEO_TS folder, edit/remove scenes, chapters, menus and re-build the VOBs, no rendering, it’s quick, it’s fast and no audio sync issues at all. It also supports converting a VIDEO_TS folder (specific title) to an MPG file. For further or advanced editing I also use MPEG Video Wizard (


as greg says use tmpeg dvd author it quickly lets you cut out scenes and put on a menu if req then burn back to dvd with nero sure i got a trial version first before i bought the full version google tmpeg dvd author


I tried the trial version, but it would not load the VIDEO_TS folder. Does the boxed version behave differently?

Thanks for any help.


Read the FAQ/help first. TMPEGDVDAuthor is a great tool.