Software to download all e-mail

Hi guys,

I have a school e-mail account that contains a lot of e-mails that I want to save because I am leaving school. I cannot be bothered to copy and paste the contents of every e-mail because there are hundreds or even thousands of e-mails. Is there any tool to simplify this process? (Mass downloading tool?)

By the way this is the website I log onto:

Can you just forward them? Does your account allow POP3 access?

I think it does allow POP3 access:

If you can use POP3 than most any mail client like OutLook Express can get them for you.

Have you looked into Gmail? Mozilla Thunderbird?

I am not really sure how you configure it to allow, and how can I use GMail to do this?>

Assuming you know the POP3 settings, log in to Google Mail and check the “accounts” tab.

Of use a real e-mail client like Thunderbird, so you have full control over your mail.