Software to disable optical drives?

The following is quoted from (Backup of SecuROM 7.2 and SafeDisc 4.7 CDs and DVDs).

Now comes the ‘tricky’ part, for your SecuROM protected DVDs use Y.A.S.U or ProtSt0p to hide your drives (read the readme files of each tool before using it!) before you start the game

For your SafeDisc protected DVDs (this also works for SecuROM protected games without the tools I mentioned before!) these tools didn’t work so you have to disable your optical drives (CDRW, DVDRW, CDROM, DVDROM) in your device manager (you can enable them at any time when you finished playing) and then start the game

It is part of the process of running a protected disc from a mounted image. It says you have to disable your optical drives in device manager. Is there software that will do this so I don’t have to go to device manager each time I want to use one of these mounted images? Or perhaps it is not necessary to disable the drives and there is a better way to accomplish this?

You can try new yasu version in combination with SafeDisc which can be found here