Software to deal with scratched discs

HI there, i am trying to backup a dvd with a scratch on it. dvd decypter gets so far and then stops. i know which vob file is damaged. is there any software which will rip this and fill in the blanks so to speak. any help will be greatly appreciated.



If the scratch is small enough, sometimes you can get away with using a little wax on the dvd. Spray Pledge works sometimes, other people use carnuba wax.

If that doesn’t work, you can try to buff out the scratch with very fine abrasive. Toothpaste sometimes will do the job. Make sure to rub from out to in, not round and round the disk!!

I have also used an ultra glaze final buffing wax on occasion to rub out scratches. The brand I use is Meguiar Showcar Glaze #7.

Oh and forgot to mention, you can set up Decrypter to ignore read errors and hope you get through that section where the damage is without skipping too much, but don’t get your hopes up.

in addition to the methods already mentioned, i’d try it in another drive if you have one avialable. Some drives ar ejust better readers or better at handling problem discs than others.

dvd decrypter is about the best program for tough discs, so i can’t really recommend anything else there.

are you using anydvd? anydvd has a drive read speed control option. if you set that to “slow & quiet” sometimes that will slow the drive down enough to help the laser pick up the scratched area.

Your only chances are to slow down the readspeed or use a better drive.

If found that DVDFab Decrypter will sometimes work where DVD Decrypter fails.
Worth a try.

another good software to try is ISOBuster or Bad Copy Pro! I have had some spectacular results with ISOBuster.

If the disc is very damaged no software will help you - again many years ago with a CD, I and a group of friends experimented with diamond lapping paste (for polishing precision tools) with very good results - but it is very expensive - also what is very good it Brasso - an abrasive metal polish - but any polishing of discs should be treated as a very last resort - and as already stated make sure you polish across the disc from the inner to the edge not in circles.

To answer your question about software solutions for a bad disk, try
IsoBuster Located Here. I have used it with success.
The freeware version will work just fine.


Yes feedback10k suggestion of ISOBuster is a very good one and should work, or you can also try UltraISO a very good program for scratched CD /DVD and using a good DVD reader like a Lite-On also helps