Software to Create DVD Menus? (Urgent)

Hello friends!

Can someone please recommend me a software that can help me to make DVD menus. Actually I have many DVD’s that contain home shot video. Now as I want to add multiple videos in one DVD, I need to create a menu for that. Which softwar can help me to create automatic menus.

Please note that I dont need a DVD authoring software as I neither have to compress, add, delete or recode the videos. All I need is a software which will import my vob files and create a menu for them and should support multiple subtitles. So please dont ask me to try Nero Recode as Nero Recode encodes the movie all over again and I dont want that to happen.

I came accross a few softwares like DVD lab pro and DVDReMake, but I found them a bit complicated. Suggest me something that will automatically do all the stuff.

I am really surprised as I have asked this questions in many forums and never got the name of any such software. Does this mean that making simple DVD menu’s is so tough???

Thank you.

nero vision will do it i believe, but you wont have much control over the menus it makes for you,

I have already tried Nero Vision but as I already mentioned in my post, I dont want to recode the movie again. Nero Vision encodes the movie all over again. I just want to add a menu…

TMPGEnc DVD Author can create menus in a very simple way, but it’s not free :frowning:

Take a look also to GUI for dvdauthor and DVD Styler, both free, but I don’t know if they are simple to use

DVD Lab is a great choice.

@ geno888 : TMPGEnc DVD Author doesnt support subtitles…

@ AZImmortal : Nodoubt DVD Lab is a great choie, but as I have already mentioned, it is a bit complicated and I need something simple and automatic.

Whoops, I must’ve misread your post and not seen that you already tried using DVD Lab.

Thats ok. Well, help me with DVD Lab. The problem I am facing with DVD Lab Pro is as follows…

I am using DVDLab Pro to create menus for my existing movies which has english subtile.
I didnt alter the movie atall here in the software. All I did was imported the movie and created a menu for the same. In this process I faced a few problems…

  1. After making the menu and compiling the final DVD, when I viewed the movie in my DVD Player, there was no subtitle present. Where did my english subtitle go???

  2. When I viewed the same movie in my computer using Media Player 10, the movie had the subtitle but the colour of the subtitle had changed from that of the original. It changed from simple white to bold pink, which actually was looking ver odd.

Now, when I didnt alter the movie atall, how did my subtitle change and where did it dissappear in the DVD player if it is present in Media Player.

Please help me to come out of this problem.

ok, dvd author don’t support subtitles (sorry, I didn’t know it), but have you tryied also the other two progs? They are specific to create menus only and shouldn’t modify in any way the original dvd.

Without re-encoding, I would recommend DVD Author or DVD Author Pro, it has a feature that lets you IMPORT your VIDEO_TS folder, modify / add chapters, cut out parts and add a menu, then it simply recreates the VIDEO_TS folder, without re-encoding. It has menu templates and custom modes where you can build from scratch, and it supports motion menus and motion thumbnails…Great piece of software and very easy to use.