Software to create DVD Data .ISO file?

I tried CopyToDVD, but it only creates the ISO up to 1Gig and
then creates a bunch of numbered 1Gig files after that. Mounting
the ISO with Daemon tools only gives me access to the 1st Gig.

Does anyone know of any software that I can use to create a
Data (Video would be nice too) .ISO file that can be mounted
by Daemon tools? I’m not trying to copy a DVD to an ISO, but
build my own from files on my PC.


DropToCD, CDRWin.


NTFS or FAT file system?

Originally posted by FutureProof
NTFS or FAT file system?

Uhm… I was also thinking about the filesystem… but the limit filesize for FAT16 is 2 Gb, for FAT32 is 4Gb so maybe this is not the point…
I guess that CopyDVD has a ‘file split’ option… DVD Decrypter also has an option of that kind…
Try to look at the various program setting (I don’t know them, I have never used CopytoDVD).



I’m running Windows XP with NTFS, so file size should not be
an issue. I have Nero, but I have figured out how to create an
ISO file with it (I didn’t see any mention in the user guide).

Nero is pretty simple, I make movie (4.4GB) iso’s to use for testing media.
Just use Nero ImageRecorder and select “.iso” in the final file-saving dialog instead of “.nrg”.