Software to copy and edit DVDs



Can anyone recommend basic, easy software for copying and editing DVDS? We have a Sony camcorder and I have a big stack of small DVD-RWs that my husband recorded of me and my horse at horse shows. I would like to take the best chapters of these (definitely not the one where I get tossed off) and transfer them onto a few discs. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 1525 with Windows Vista (one year old), and it has a Roxio Easy Media Creator DE installed in it. I have found that Roxio program hard to use, as I follow the directions, and things don’t happen. When I emailed Roxio with a question, their reply was that the Roxio program was bundled, so I should just buy their updated program. They didn’t even bother to address my question. I don’t plan to do anything special; just want to take some of these disc chapters and put them onto one disc. I guess it’s not as simple as I thought. I sure would appreciate anyone’s recommendations for some easy-to-use software. Thanks everyone!


If the discs were finalized,you should have VOB files,which you can import in editing SW…For simple editing try with avidemux, Mpeg Streamclip…I believe some here recommend DVD Lab pro for more advanced editing…


If you want a commercial program, you should look at Womble Mpeg Video Wizard DVD (ridiculous name), VideoReDo TV Suite or Adobe Premiere Elements. All of those come with a free trial for you to test them, and see if they meet your requirements.

Using free tools this gets a lot more complicated, but can be done. The mpeg2 found in dvd-video isn’t the best format for editing, so you need to have a program capable of “intelligent” reencoding just in the areas of cuts and transitions.