Software to convert MP3

What software will convert a MP3 to CDA? Thanks

By dragging MP3 files to the Music tab in Nero and burn the CD, you end up with the CDA tracks.
CDA is not a format you can store music files on your PC

What format can I convert it to and store on hard drive?

If you already have MP3 files, then store them as MP3 files on your hard drive.

Any burning software that can burn an audio CD will automatically be creating the CDA format when the CD is burned.
Burrrn is a good free one.

Thanks for the info on Burrrn

One the practical way to do it is to convert your mp3 format into wav format and store it in your hard drive when you can burn it directly in to CD or DVD media when ever needed.

This program will create audio CD’s from MP3 and other formats automatically.
Audio Workstation