Software to convert AVI to VCD



pls tell me a software to convert AVI to VCD with excellent video and audio quality other than TMPG ENC.
I used the TMPG Enc. to convert an AVI format film to a VCD. At the end of the conversion at about 100% it shows an error message “Invalid pointer position”.
Then i tried to play the video on my PC,the video and the audio was excellent.
But it is not compatible with nero or any other disc writing softwares. I tried the conversion of AVI to VCD again but in vain.
IF any one faced this problem and found a solution pls tell me.
Pls let me know how to remove the error message or tell me a software as good as or better than TMPG ENC


There are probably a dozen different answers to this question( depending upon whom you ask). Best I can suggest, is to go to, and view the tools section, then check the forum for comments on the various programs, then decided for yourself which one sounds good to you.

It’s kind of like video editing. Some folks like Adobe, some like Vegas, Some like Ulead, some like Pinnacle, some like Avid, and the list goes on. A lot of it is what you feel comfortable using. TMPgenc is reportably a good program from what others report(I don’t use it).


I´d go with Harley on that…
Personally, I find Adobe Premiere Elements does the job well. It´s not too expensive and offers pretty cool editing options.
Maybe you can get a trial and see how it goes.

Yeah…do some reading…


Yup! If you want a good high power, yet easy to use editing package, either Adobe Premiere Elements or Vegas Movie Studio are hard to beat. Ulead Studio 10, and Ulead Movie Factory are also pretty good products, but I would place them just a little bit below Adobe and Vegas.


I have a Gateway 7322 with a TSSTcorp CDW/DVD SH-S1820 Drive and I’m having the same problem. Suddenly it doesn’t appear in “My Computer” and it has a yellow exclamation in “Device Manager” that says: “Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)”

I’ve uninstalled the driver and it has the same problem, and the windows troubleshooter was no help (is it ever?). Any suggestions?


I would try reinstalling TMPG or checking to see there isn’t a problem with your original AVI file; maybe chop a little bit at the end to see if that produces the same error message.

I still own and use to capture and encode… from my Pinnicle DV500 into Premiere and through TMPG.

Leathal … ooops I mean Doogie :wink:


go here

try vcdgear


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