Software to control cpu's fan



hello every body
i want to know abt the software by which i can set the RPM of cpu’s fan manually…currently it is running at @3000 RPM…but i want it to run around 4500 RPM…soo do u know any soft ware by which we can manually set the speed of cpu’sfan ???


There are tools which can slow it down, if the motherboard supports PWM fan control, but unless that is already enabled in some way (unlikely), nothing to speed it up.

Why? If it’s a thermostat-controlled HSF, it’ll speed up if it needs to, and if it’s a cheap no-name, he only real answer is to fit a better one, or some additional case cooling … unused rear fan positions can allow the warm air to be drawn back in, so I’d always recommend fitting quiet, low speed fans there, and a front intake fan for balance