Software to clean-up hard drive for any trace of deleted files?



Hi Guys,

Any software that can be recommended for using to clean up the hard drive deleted files? By this I mean, recovery software can be used to find deleted files, but any software to get rid of files I have deleted from hard drive permanently?


You want to delete files that have been gotten rid of?


get rid of files that have been deleted?



Yes, you mean to make it so that the deleted files cannot be recovered?


You could try one of these free tools. I haven’t tested them very much myself:


SDelete (command line tool)



To make it so that the deleted files cannot be recovered.


Being that I’m in just the opposite situation at the moment, Ontrack Corp., has assured me that they can recover nearly everything, unless the drive has been completely reformatted numerous times. Yes there are things out there which can make it more difficult for the average joe, but in the end, short of numerous low level formats, much of the data will still be recoverable.


There is a tool made exclusively for the purpose you want. It doesn’t delete the existing files but removes all traces of already deleted files. It’s called System Shield. It can be downloaded from
It can also be found within System Mechanic Professional 5,6,7
Here’s what you can do:


Spybot Search and Destroy has a secure file shredder in it that will overwite a file up to 99 times when you delete it but you need to use it when you delete the files. Keep it in mind for future use.