Software to burn Mpeg and WMV to DVD-R?



Long Story Short:

I want to burn home movies (off of my Sony Camcorder) to DVD.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Uploaded from Camcorder via USB (2.0 on computer…don’t know if camcorder supports 2.0 or not…TRV460 camcorder) to Windows Movie Maker (this created a wmv file). I then used TMPGEne to convert this file to a mpeg file.

Now, I want to burn this mpeg file to a DVD-R (using my NEC2500 burner).

Q: Which software to use? NOTE: cheap or free would be great, but I’m willing to spend some cash on software if I can get it soon, so nothing I have to order off of the net and wait for–making these movies for Christmas (something I can buy at Walmart, or MediaPlay, or Bestbuy or something would be fine).


a) is there capture software I could use instead of WMM so I wouldn’t have to use TMPGEne to convert to mpeg? TMPGEne does it just fine, it just takes a long time.

b) lots of people have mentioned the “tutorial” section on the board here. I can’t find it though. A link would be appreciated.

Thanks. Again, main question: GOOD, CHEAP, MMV, MPEG, AVI burning software for burning to DVD-Rs.


NOTE: also posted in the “newbie” section…because, well, I’m a newbie.