Software to burn MP3s directly to audio (CD player ready) disc?

Looking for an app that will let me queue up some mp3s to burn to an audio disc (not a data disc but CD player readable) in one step. I don’t want to manually convert mp3 to .wav then manually queue those files to burn, I’m looking for a one step, one application solution. Something that doubles as an audio player that can handle, read, import, export playlists (.m3u/.fpl) would be great as well.

iTunes is giving me trouble trying to burn on my laptop so while I investigate that I’m looking elsewhere.


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Try Burrrn :slight_smile:

Ahh this is great. I doesn’t seem to keep the tags though? I tested a burn and when I loaded up the cd in foobar and Windows Media Player neither picked up track title, artist etc?

Does fit what I was looking for perfectly otherwise though, thanks.

There is also FinalBurnerFREE, it does CDs & Dvds.

Windows Media Player doesn’t the track titles (CD-Text) I’m afraid.

There’s no doubt in my mind that providing the track details, artist etc are shown in Burrrn and that CD-Text is checked in “settings” then these details are correctly written to the CD.

I think WinAmp with a suitable plug-in will display these details.

TimC wrote "I think WinAmp with a suitable plug-in will display these details."
It does :iagree: