Software To Burn AVI - DVD

Ok ive done allot of searching and found some problems, i want to know which Burner u can put a AVI onto a DVD disc.

Programs i have heard can do this:

DVD Cloner 4
Nero Vision Express 2 ( from a friend, but im not so sure bout this one)
DVD Wizard Pro ( i have tryed buy only seemto be able to get a DVD - AVi, and i want AVI - dvd ¬_¬)

Also i have tryed using a converter, but i got one and it took a whole day to conver like 1 hour and half film from AVi to DVD and then didnt work, saying i needed a DVD+R disc which i did have!!

So if anyone can help me Please reply :slight_smile:



Use Nero 7 or 8 or 9 or so and use Nero Vision then load your avi film and burn it you can edit menu too