Software to backup movie onto 2 DVDs with menu


I was looking for software to backup my DVDs onto 2 DVD without compression and keep the menu. I was using DVD Shrink to make them into one. But the quality of some movies just look horrible when compressed. Anyway, I can’t believe ever major program I tried had problems doing this! DVDFab Platinum - the 2nd DVD would crash my media player if I try to fast forward. DVD2One - The first DVD would crash once it it the point where I need to switch out to 2nd DVD. DVDCopy - Can’t play either DVD in media player.

Any suggestions?

you can try the anydvd & clonedvd2 for 21 days to see if it’s right for you.

Actually… I tried that too… Didn’t work :frowning:

Shrink will do much the same thing, just use “still images” in the compression settings for the parts you want to leave out. If the movie is still too big, then another tool will be needed. Another method in Shrink is to make one disc with all the extras set to still images, and another disc with the movie set to still images. If the movie alone is too big for one disc, then you need another tool.

I know I can do that. I am looking to do a no a 1:1 backup with complete menus.

OK, that’s called a dual layer disc.

You can split in any way with DvdReMake Pro with menus intact. Just hide/blank the second half of movie for disc 1 and export. Then start from the beginning by Undo, and hide/blank the first half of movie and export.

The demo version will only export up to 15 seconds of each block. If you are satisfied with the test result, the paid registered version will output all of them.


What I meant to say was 1:1 as in no compression onto 2 DVD as per my original question.

That won’t work because the main movie is too large.

??? Isn’t that the whole point of your question - to split the movie into 2 single-layer DVDs? The main movie is too large - that’s why you want to split it, right? Or do I misunderstand your question?