Software to backup huge archive of MP3's by directory?

I’m looking to find DVD backup software to do backups of MP3 files by directory. I have a massive collection > 100gb.

I have them sorted into Artist folders, then album folders. I’d like for the software to be able to backup without breaking up the folders (and especially the MP3s themselves).

It’s important to me to be able to automate the process somewhat, so I can just stick DVD after DVD in without having to highlight folders and keep track of where I was.

Most of the backup software I’ve come across either puts things in its own compressed format or breaks up files and directories across DVDs. I’d just like it to just have the artists folders and the mp3s inside. No weird proprietary anything.

Finally, I’d like to only burn 4gb per disc, if that’s possible too (but not 100% required).

Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions, it would be entirely, entirely appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

  • jason

I see no one answered. I actually need the same thing. Any ideas guys?

I would back up the archive on an external hard drive. If the data was very valuable I might back it up again on another hard drive, either external or internal.

Ignoring for the moment finding software to make the backups, it is possible to back up data on optical disks fairly reliably, but it takes some work.

You need good quality media and a good quality burner. You need a way to see that you are getting good quality burns. I would probably use CDspeed to examine the burned discs.