Software to backup DVDs (with splitting to multiple discs)

Alright guys i need your almighty help.

There is so much software for this stuff that its hard to choose.

But i have been doing some testing and have had a lot of probs.
I like dvd fab but have had a few probs with it.

To limit my choices even further i need a program that has split burning.

Any idea please guys.

I have any dvd so that part is already taken care of.

Is it just me?
Or is it hard to find reliable apps?

what exactly do you want software for?

Hi man.
To back up DVDs with the option to spit burn.

What exactly do you mean by split burn. Do you mean burning one dual layer dvd onto 2 single layer dvd’s? Or do you mean splitting a large movie file so that it is on 2 dvd’s?

I Agree his/her question is vague and except for spliting a D/L movie in to S/L disc I see no reason for wanting to split two hour movie in two different dsic.