Software TnL emulation for non-TnL video cards

Has anyone here tried using 3D-Analyse v2.1 to get NOLF2 to run with a non-TnL video card?

I’ve selected it to:

[li]Performance: Force SW TnL
[/li][li]Hardware Limits (cap bits): Emulate HW TnL Caps
[/li][li]Game fixes: NOLF2 texture/lib fix

Where it previously never ran at all without the TnL emulator, it now runs…up to the load screen after you start a new mission. Then it just inexplicably exits the game. I’ve been using the original CD so its not a matter of a non 1-to-1 backup.

Any suggestions on what other options I should select for 3D-Analyse or if there is a better TnL emulator out there?

Can you tell me a website where I can download 3D-Analyse v2.1 ?
Thanx a lot !!!


Can you tell me a website where I can download 3D-Analyse v2.1 ? I have nolf2 , so i could try installing and playing with it.

might help if you understand italian.

English translation is just below the itialian.

for some of the italian :wink:


Hey, if any of you are pretty familiar with this program, would you mind helping me out? I downloaded it and am trying to run Final Fantasy XI on my non-TnL graphics card ('cause that is the only thing keeping me from it!). Anyway, I have been playing with it and can now get further than I have managed before (now I can see the opening movie), but when I start to load it up the program termiates (just shuts off without warning and brings me to my desktop). I KNOW I am doing something wrong with the commands on the 3d analyze screen, but have any of you been successful with it? Do you know the right combination of boxes to select to emulate the TnL for FFXI? Thanks a lot for any help you can offer guys!!!

Can you give us your computer specs?