Software thinks 3550A is a CD Burner

Just installed 3550A and my computer (on boot) and WIndows XP (via device manager) seems to recognize it for what it is, but Nero and Roxio media creater (and Windows Media Player) all seem to think it’s a CD burner. Won’t even let me click a button to burn DVDs. Any idea what that could be?
I have 512 megs memory, AMD 2400 processor, Asus A7N8 motherboard. I’ve set the drives to cable select (first had the burner as master and the other DVD drive as slave).

thanks for any help

Welcome to the forum. Have you tried it with a blank DVD in the drive?

Thanks for the welcome. At least one byproduct of this mess is that i discovered CDfreaks!
Yes, with a blank disk in, it shows up as a CD Drive and the burn options are those for a CD.

did you load software that came with or was it for a prior drive?
what version of nero r u running?

You have to use a REAL and actual (no bundled or old version from another drive!) burning app, forget about the crap the exploDer tells you about the drive and media.

Is Nero a REAL burn app?
My dvd thinks its a cd rom and when i burn a DVD iso it vsaies that it is burning a cd iso "2 cd-rom mode 1 iso 9660.
After i the burn is finished, without errors, i cant read the damnd thing.

If im lucky somethimes my dvdrom can read the dvd.

What’s your NERO version?

Same problem here:

Nero was at fault

well, i think i’m beginning to sort it out. Was running version 5.something of Nero and Version 7 of Easy Media Creator (this one came with my Plextor drive, which died an untimely death). I reinstalled the Roxio software and at least one piece of it (Drag to disc) recognized my burner and copied 4.5 gigs of data to it.
I download newest version of Nero and that seems to work.
But I guess I don’t understand why the older version of Nero wouldn’t work. What changes with the drives that makes the software obsolete? And the Roxio software isn’t that old.
ALso, Roxio wants $79 for an upgrade. That strikes me as awfully pricey. I can get it on E-Bay for $45 or so.

Thanks for all the responses I’ve received so far…



Nero 5 is way too old to even know the 3550.
Also Drag to Disc is some kind of Packet Writing software, right?
Could create trouble if you also install Nero.

I don’t think Nero 5 even supported DVD writing at all, actually… :confused:
(That’s why I asked about the version) :wink:

Does the software need to be coded in some way for the DVD burner? I hadn’t realized that, but I guess have plenty of empirical evidence now to show that’s true. Drag to disc is one of the utilities that comes with Easy Media Creator 7 – little icon on the bottom that you can drag files to from Windows Explorer to burn to disk. Not sure what Packet Writing means.


Side note! Use only one version of a program and try to use only one burning program!
If you want to have endless fun try installing two versions of Nortan anti virus! Then reformat your drive! LOL I was able to go in and clean my system but it was not easy! Most people had to reformat their drives! Always uninstall older software before installing new software unless it is an update!

Remove INCD in Nero as well as auto update and any other software in Nero other than the burn program!
Remove DLA is Sonic!

ETP, I hate to receal my complete and utter ignorance, but I’m not sure I understood a word of this:
>>Remove INCD in Nero as well as auto update and any other software in Nero other than the burn program!
Remove DLA is Sonic!

WOuld you mind giving me a bit of help translating? :slight_smile:


My problem on quick posts!LOL
INCD= packet writting software inside of Nero
DLA= Packet writting software inside of Sonic record
Nero has 4 install blocks! Only do the 1st one and don’t click on auto updates!

Update-Package 1

Nero StartSmart 2
Nero Express 6
Nero BackItUp
Nero SoundTrax
Nero Image Drive
Nero Burning ROM 6
Nero Cover Designer
Nero Wave Editor
Nero Toolkit

Current version:
Release date: November 14th, 2005November 14th, 2005
Filesize: 33,42 MB (33820112)32,25 MB (7.545.056)
MD5 Checksumme: 6f3c6224c2e82c24a40019d3b2bdcab41bd23a892646b5b259a48768d51292a6
(not required for operation of Nero) learn more