Software that works best?



I realize that this is a very opinionated question but I was just curious as to what software works the best out of all of the ones that I have. I actually purchased CloneDVD and have the latest version, however I tried to make backups of Man of the House and Congenialty 2 and both backups had problems…one I had no video and on the other I had the video but no sound even though my settings were the same for each backup??? So needless to say, I used (after reading a lot) DVDdecrypter and DVDshrink and was able to do this. I guess my question is that I actually purchased CloneDVD but the “free” programs actually did a better job. Another product that I paid good money for is DVDXCOPY, I bought this version before the court order them to take the ripper out so my version does have the ripper and to be honest I never even got it installed properly so I don’t even know if it works or not.

Any opinions on the above mentioned software would be greatly appreciated. Also, are there good tutorials for the CloneDVD program and DVDXCOPY program that I can learn about the specific settings and how they should be set to overcome the new Sony ARccOS protection so I can make backups of my movies that were manufactured by Sony. Thanks.


My free combo of DVDdecrypter and DVDShrink ha snot yet failed me, and both are free. I am surprised CloneDVD stayed in business after these two but I guess everyone has their preferences.


Both of those programs have stopped developement, xtacydima, but CloneDVD and AnyDVD keep on going and improving.



You did not mention what program you used to remove the copy protection from the DVD’s, CloneDVD does not do this. In my humble opinion the combination of CloneDVD and AnyDVD will do an excellent job of copying any movie that is currently available.
I believe it’s the simplest to use and the support is second to none when it comes to problems with new releases.

Regarding Sony ARccOS protection, AnyDVD is the leader in removing it, if a problem crops up with a new release, Slysoft is on it like a fly on a turd and is resolved frequently in hours once they are aware a problem exists.

DVD Decrypter is a good program also in removing copy protection, however, since development has ceased you will have problems with future releases that may have a new form of protection.

As for your failures I have copied both of the movies you mention without issue using widescreen version and Region 1, so I believe the problem is user error. Read the help file in CloneDVD and if there is a particular area you don’t understand ask the forum members and you will get your answer.

Your problem of no video on one, and no sound on the other I believe was due to your selections for the Video Titles and Audio streams. I have attached two images that I hope will help you. The movie is The Upside of Anger that I intentionally selected because it contains DTS sound. DTS sound is a resource hog and if you use it you will loose some picture quality because more compression is required. Audio is never compressed so to make up for it to fit on the disk video has to be compressed more, thus loss of quality. You can choose to add subtitles or not, it will make no difference in compression rates. Remember the higher you get to 100 % on the compression bar the better the quality.

I would practice using the top button of CloneDVD that will copy the movie only, if you choose to “preserve menu” (top right) you will be able to use the menu for chapter selection only, no features will be available. By choosing preserve menus, generally you will loose 4 to 6 % video quality.

I myself always check this box because I value that feature. For instructional purposes I did not check it for the below images.

Regarding sound, I never check DTS because the loss in picture quality, only keep checked the ACS-3/6 and you will have no problems, do not check directors comments because with movie only this feature is not available.

Please look at the Audio Stream settings screen below, if you use these settings you will have no problems with audio and receive the best picture quality.

Hope this was of some assistance to you.



Since I got CloneDVD2 trial version the other day - I have gotten an error message regarding crc’s, etc - and since no one has stepped up to help - I have been copying my movies with AnyDVD and DVDshrink - very successfully - I might add and am starting to think that maybe buying CloneDVD2 may not be necessary nor maybe even wise if it has this many issues-



anydvd and dvdshrink together get the job done for me even on the move hitch which had sony arcoss and poppylock i think… :bigsmile:


@ bigmike7,

Each to their own in their decision as to which software to use.

I saw your recent posting titled “CloneDVD2-Most Pressed DVD’s Show Read Error” in the CloneDVD Forum. Evidently since you did not receive any response to that posting you have decided to use the AnyDVD-DVDShrink combination to copy these problematic DVD tiles that the Any DVD-CloneDVD combination revealed to contain CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors and failed to make back up copies of these DVD titles.

Perchance have you checked to ensure that your backed up copies of the DVD titles that the AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination revealed to contain CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors and failed to make copies of but were made with the AnyDVD-DVDShrink combination are free of write/read errors?

It is interesting to see how the AnyDVD-DVDShrink combination handled these CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors, which the AnyDVD-CloneDVD combination failed to process.

If you would take the time to check for errors and post the results would be greatly be appreciated by other CloneDVD Forum members. Also the results might get the ear of the Elaborate Bytes-SlySoft Technical Staff that frequent this Forum.

Best Regards,


Yo bjkg-

Tested the AnyDVD with DVDshrink burned discs and they came out with no errors, 94 to 96 quality scores and play great on my Panny S77 that upconverts to 1080i to my Hitachi Ultravision 57" bigscreen-

Seems like I have answered my own question-eh?

btw I do not use any packet writing software - nor do I have it installed in my system-

The only other area may be the Panda Internet Platinum 2005 antivirus - I have had numerous problems with this program and am just waiting for my Trend Micro Pccillin to get here-



I use DVDXcopy platinum to copy movie DVD’s.


@ bigmike7,

Thanks for the effort in checking those suspected DVD titles and posting the results. It appears that the AnyDVD-DVDSkrink combination proves to be a viable means of backing up DVD titles that contain CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors.

I would like to hear Elaborate Bytes and/or SlySoft Technical Staff comment on this topic.

Best Regards,


Hi, I, like you owned & used DVD X Copy Platinum for about 2 years. I used it twice last week and it was still working. You can contact X Copy International if you still want to work with Platinum. I d-loaded both AnyDVD & Clone 2 about 2 weeks ago. Once I understood all the steps I have had a 100% success rate. I also used Shrink & it worked OK with Clone 2. However, Shrink & DVD X Copy take more time to do the same job that AnyDVD & Clone 2. I always use Verbatim 8X media. I have a Sony 16X burner in one and a Toshiba 16X in the other. I have 2 HP PC’s, both make excellent backups. I was told by HP not to use NERO with their PC’s. I have Sonic. I have no complaints with any of the products you are referencing. It’s your choice. :cool: