Software that will add chapters every so many minutes to an AVI?



I have 60 Video8 and Hi8 tapes to convert to AVI format. This I have no problem with doing. I already have a few done. What I am having trouble finding is an authoring software package that will allow me to add chapters automatically every so many minutes. There are plenty of packages out there that allow manual insertion or add chapters automatically for all detected scenes. This is not what I’m looking for. Can anyone help on this?


Since I can’t edit my original post (what’s up with that) I’m adding another option that I’m looking for which is quicker and easier for me if it exists:

Currently I have 60 analog tapes that have been converted to AVI. I have used Movie Maker to create the necessary edits with titles before each new clip that I created manually and video transitions at these points. All I want to do now is make a DVD with a software that can detect the title insertions and make them into chapters automatically.


I believe that softwares such as Adobe PRemiere Elements, Sony Movie Studio, Ulead Studio 11 plus, and Pinnacle Studio 12 ultimate will do what you want. You can download trials and check them out.


DVD Lab will do it. You can specify the interval. Movie > Auto Chapters >