Software that Simulates DVD Burning (to reduce write-failure)

I’ve been trying to create a backup of my mp3s.

While trying to burn the d*mn thing into a dvd, Nero gave me the “write-failure” message. So i tried again the second time. Of course the first dvd was unusable so i used a different dvd. And it’s still the same. It stopped at the same spot too, around 5% <-- this is just an estimation since my Nero does not display write percentage for DVDs. Considering this is the 6th Dvd toasted this year, i’m going to be broke real soon if this keep up.

Here is the list of the files i was supposed to burn if anyone is interested. I checked the names and didn’t see any characters that’s will prevent Nero from doing its job.

I use Imation DVDs 4.7GB DVD-R 16X
No multisession
Write speed is 8X
Buffer underun protection Enabled
Software is Nero Express 6.0

Please help :bow: :sad:

I tried burning a different collection of files into a CD and there were no problems so my DVD-writer is not the problem. My writer is an Imation DVD-RAM bought 2 months ago so it’s relatively new.

What I am asking is, is there a software that can reduce potential burning problems before you physically burn the data? Like a simulater burn software.

IMGBurn , use test mode…