Software that reads cds with "Indexes"

I’m looking for a rather specific type of software. We have a lot of CDs that have audio soundbytes, and I’m looking for software to rip them. The trick is they have Indexes.

Basically, a cd would have 99 tracks, and each track might have 5 or 6 soundbytes, seperated by a gap (2-3 seconds) of silence. Old CD players such as the Denon DN-961FA can read these indexes by automatically skipping the gap of silence.

I’ve tried “Exact Audio Copy” (very inaccurate) and “Direct WAV / MP3 Splitter” (not terrible, but not totally accurate, and no batch processing)

Does anybody know of any software that can automatically read or rip these Indexes?

I’ve not heard of a winddoze tool that can deal with indexes really.

Please use SEARCH.

Unfortunately searching for “index” creates too much confusion.

And a Linux tool would be acceptable as well.

Do you want to just play the audio starting at one of these index points or do you want them ripped to hard drive. If ripping is wanted, what format do you want and how do you plan to use the ripped files? I don’t know of any software that will burn the ripped file back to CD-R and maintain the index points. I’ve also not seen a program that would play these from file.

I wrote a program to check for ALL index points on a CD and display them. It would allow you to play them as well (if I remember correctly). But, this code would need a lot of work to make it work on current OS like XP. I can’t help you with Linux though.

Let me know what you want and maybe I can help.


Basically trying to either rip them by CD\Track\Index (in Windows or Linux) or play them in Windows.

Wave or MP3 would be best. (But I can convert from either to either)

So, if each index point was transferred as a separate wave file this would be ok? In this case the complete audio that belonged with that index would be saved as a wave. This would include any ‘silence’ that the author built in to the index. The wave files could only be named with a number system.

Playing them would be easier than trying to save each to a separate file.


Ah, wait some old Steinberg audio products had this, IIRC.
I think it was an older wavelab version, index setting was there of course, but also the built in recorder function burnt that to CDDA.