Software Support and Updates


I’ve been a faithful user for several years now, starting out with DVDNC3 and upgrading to 4 with NextTech. I keep getting emails from a company called DVDRanger telling me that DVDNC is going away and will no longer offer support or updates. I used the old forum that Charlie was on but it’s not around any more. What is the status on the company and software? Thanks for your help!


They are still around and going strong. I would just block those spam emails as I get them too and you can’t even use the opt out email link as it gives you a 404 page error. Updates as they come will be posted here.

[QUOTE=Dr. Who;2660963]They are still around and going strong.[/QUOTE]

That’s good to hear Dr. Who.

Oh and welcome to the forums Seahawk3. :flower: