Software similar to dvd decrypter and dvd shrink for blu ray?

Prior to getting my Bly Ray burner, I was accustomed to dvd decrypter and dvd shrink. Are there equivalent programs for blu ray ripping, burning, re-authoring? I know of AnyDVD HD, but are there others that will allow me to burn images? Also, is there anything like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120% that will let me mount a burnt Blu Ray iso image?


AnyDVD HD is, in my opinion, the best decryption program for Blu ray, followed by DVDFab Blu Ray. Once you have the disk decrypted and on the hard drive there are an assortment of tools to work with it, including DVDFab, tsMuxeR, and BD Rebuilder. (the last two are free)

To burn blu ray to a blank BD disk, I suggest ImgBurn.

The best virtual drive for mounting BD ISO files is VirtualClone Drive by Slysoft. It is their only free program. DVDFab has recently come out with one of their own, but I haven’t tested it.

Thanks for your help.

So I could use AnyDVD HD (or DVDFab Blu Ray) to make 1:1 backups of discs?

AnyDVD will rip the discs for you, and you can burn the image via ImgBurn.
I actually own both AnyDVD HD and DVDFab and use them in conjunction at times.
I like DVDFab because it can strip out unwanted titles, audio, etc, but can also compress like DVD Shrink.

Cool. Now I know what I need to start making 1:1 backups like I did with my DVDs… thank you both.

I own DVDFab with lifetime updates and it works well. My complaint is it took them long enough to get Blu-Ray support and now it sells as a seperate product after a year of trying to get customer support on Blu-Ray. I still think it is worth it to back up my collection, price is very reasonable.


A Question on DVDFab and BluRay. I downloaded it a while ago and couldn’t figure out how to keep the Menus when copying a BluRay to a 25 Gig BD-R.

I’m trying to make backups so I can take them to the Cabin (250 miles away) to watch at night, or when it rains. All I really want to keep is Dolby 5.1 (English), Menus and the Movie (no extras). Is there any software package out there that will allow me to do this?

Thanks for the assist.