Software reviews and new software section on the news page?

I can’t seem to see the link to it with the links you have on the top of the forum? Is this just a mistake for not having the link?

I’m not sure what you mean? We do have software reviews if our reviewer team is taking on something new again, we do have news items on software and we do have a wide variety of software forums. However, last year we decided to close down the software section where all packages were listed because unfortunately we didn’t have the manpower to keep the entire section up to date anymore :sad:

I see what I mean is like alan1476 did a new software out for DVD neXt COPY. I have to get back to him on the link as I can seem to find it now. If I remember right he updates that section?

Who are you talking about on the front page or in the forums? If forums this is all i know about

heyyo Robin, how was the trip to Sin City?

Maybe it was that but when I first looked there was the logo box too. I am waiting to hear from alan1476 to know for sure as I sent him a pm.

I got in touch with allan1476 and I am squared away now.