Software Recommends for ripping Dvds to Hard Drive

Hi, i know that there are a few post out there about particular software used for ripping Dvds to hard disc but I couldn’t find any real recommends as to which software is best for what I’m looking for.

I have a christ ton of Dvds and I just bought a HP Media Vault and bumped the storage in it up to 1 TB. Basically I want to Rip as many of my dvds as I can and store them on the Media Vault so all the Desktops and laptops in the house can access them without having to carry around a mammoth case of dvds.

Can anyone recommend a program that could rip my discs to play in FLV or Media Player.


Most give you a free grace period to try them before you buy so why not just download a few and give them a try such as DVDFAB, ANYDVD and many more also there is a movie copy forum here on CDFREAKS down in the right corner of the screen you will see Forum Jump just click on the down arrow aand scroll down to the forums

Put me in the red fox camp. Would recommend trying AnyDVD for ripping and decryption purposes.

Thanks for the help guys, I ended up settling on Dvd Decrypt and Auto Gordian Knot. Now I jsut ahve to begin backing them all up to the NAS :slight_smile: