Software recommendations



Well, after all the format debates I held off buying a DVD until ca 2-3 months ago, and I’m just getting into the creation of legal back ups of my DVD collection ;). If it affects the decision any, here is my system:
3.0C processor
ATI 9700 AIW
512MB PC 3500
Audigy 2
2x Raptor (36GB) RAID0
1x Seagate 200GB
NEC 3520A DVD/RW (Dual layer)
LG Electronics DVD Drive
19" Viewsonic Monitor
DTS Receiver and speaker system

I usually watch DVDs on my PC (I don’t even have a TV anymore). My 2 questions are what are the best softwares for legal backups and playback? The ATI software wouldn’t work on the digital channel for some reason (no DD nor DTS), so I’ve settled in with WinDVD since it came with my MoBo. For backups I’m using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, which seem to work well but I’m still a novice and only tried a couple of programs (a also have EZ CD/DVD Creator 6). Any thoughts or opinions?

Also, I have a friend that passes through to his TV through S-Video, and I was curious as to what I could recommend to him as his regular DVD player stopped playing burned discs.


WinDVD is a good choice for playback. The other DVD software of choice for DVD playback on computer is PowerDVD. Since you have WinDVD, you should be fine with that.

For your backups, if you are comfortable with AnyDVD (decrypts CSS-protected DVDs) and CloneDVD2 (reauthoring, compression, writing), seems like you’re all set. I use DVDDecrypter (decrypting) and 1clickdvdcopy (reauthoring, compression, writing). Unless you’re question was different, seems to me like you’re already set, especially since you have the necessary software and know how to use it, too. It appears you’re ‘ahead of the curve’ from where I was when I started. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nero works fine for making and copying non-protected disks. It also has a good player that comes with the full version. luck


Thanks for the reply. I tried PowerDVD, but the problem was the digital channel (I think it only works with a registered version of the software). Running the Creative sound fields through the external decoder doesn’t really compare to DD/DTS (one complaint I have about T2 Extreme).

I really like these forums, I kept noticing how I’d get hits here when I’d Google questions, thought I’d register here and get to know how to do things right seeing as how I seem to be geeking out on it a bit.

EDIT: I have a grudge against Nero. When I was running a SCSI chain it rewrote the control, and when I uninstalled it I lost my data on all drives. I kept a back up of all my system stuff on an IDE drive, but lost all my multimedia. Plus, a lot of titles I’m backing up are protected. Thanks for the reply, I know a lot of friends really love Nero.