Software recommendation please

I just bought a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-150 and visions of creating dvds of my fav tv shows are dancing in my head.
I messed around a bit with Nero but I need a software package that will allow me to do the following.

Create my own dvd menus without being held to the basic templates.
Create an “intro” the menu in the form of a short movie clip (or other motion effect)
Allow me to add “special features/extras” and working menu links to it.
Create transition effects between menu selections… i.e a clip of a scene that is played when a menu item is selected.
Chapter selections are accessed by the menu link, not displayed in the main menu (like in Nero)

I am clueless about the different software packages available… any assistance would be appreciated.

TMPGEncDVD Author or DVDlab(pro).

Prefer DVDlab myself but either are good choices.

THANKS!!! I checked out the website for DVDlab(pro) and it looks like this is what I was looking for.
I sincerely appreciate the help, guys. Thank you very much!!!