Software recommendation for editing home movies

Hi, I’ve been looking through this forum and suprisingly haven’t found a post from another newbie about this subject, so I thought I would ask. If someone has already answered this question and can point me in the right direction, that would be great.

I just bought a Dell 8250 last year with a DVD burner. I added the Roxio VideoWave Movie Creator software to my purchase and am not very happy with it’s features, capabilities, and limitations. I’m thinking about buying another software package which mainly will be used to edit my home movies and burn to my DVD burner.

If any of you have any suggestions for software you believe would be the best choice for an individual wanting to edit their home movies into indexed tracks and burn, I’d appreciate any advice to keep me from having to learn another one the hard way!


I’m not sure what your home movies are on - and therefore how you will get them into your computer. I have a Hi8 camcorder and import the footage via firewire.
I use Adobe Premiere 6.5 to ‘capture’ this footage from my camcorder. Then I can add special effects, extra audio, whatever. Once my ‘movie’ is as I like I export in MPEG2 format (Premiere 6.5 supports MPEG2). Then I can use either Maestro or DVDLab to create the chaptering. I burn with either CopyToDVD or Gear Pro. Both do a good job - but I’ve found that I can’t do a straight copy>copy of the DVD I’ve burned using CopyToDVD - which is a real bummer after your spent days or weeks creating your own movie - only to find you can’t create a backup copy of the DVD after you’ve erased it from your hdd.

Anyway - back to your original question - Premiere is the best movie editing software by my reconing - but it is a bit of a ‘learn’ .