Software question on LG Blue

I just bought the LG BH08LS20 Super Multi Blu-ray Disc Rewriter with LightScribe. The review was very helpful thanks. My question is, should I install the programs that came with the burner or is there a better program. I would like to back up the blu-ray discs I got for X-mas. Thanks

software on the disc will not help you in backing up any retail disc.

first thing you need is AnyDVD HD latest version to take care of pesky AACS and BD+ (copy protections)

then you can go the easy way with BD rebuilder

or go the better/manual way, few things you will need, eac3to, bd cloner, tsremux and ripbot.

Thanks nekrosoft13, I have anydvd already, I didn’t know which is the best backup software for bluray burning. I’ll check out the programs you menchened. Would CloneDVD work?

No CloneDVD will not work.
AnyDVD HD and ImgBurn should be enough if you want to backup full discs. If you want to “shrink” BD 50GB to 25GB then you will need the software mentioned above (BD Rebuilder etc).

I also tried Blu-ray to DVD Pro, it almost worked, I burned it to a dvd 9, but the problem is, that it will play a few seconds then freeze, play, freeze, play, freeze. I’ll try BD rebuilder thanks