Software problems or Disk Problem?

If I can burn a movie that works in the dvd burner but not on my dvd player would that be due to the disks or a need in upgrade of software

I assume that ‘dvd player’ means a DVD console hooked up to a TV?

If you want a solid answer from someone here yer gonna have to provide more info. Brand/model of DVD burner? Brand/type of blank discs used? Software/method used to burn the disc?

You might be able to answer your own question with a little bit of testing i.e. try the burned disc in different friends’ players.

can your burner bitsett +R disc to dvd-rom, this seems to be the most compatable format.

alrighty hardware_failure
Dvd Player:Samsung DVD-P242
Blank Disc Used:Maxwell DVD+R
Software Method Used:NTI version 7

I think that is thwe info you need lmk if you have any idea

AKO:I haven’t a clue what that means… is there a way to explain how I would do this and maybe I can check please lmk

well good news your burner is a rebadged liteon 1673s and supports bitsetting, also youve already got some good quality +Rs so is all you need to do is enable the bitsetting function. i`am not sure if its the same procedure as my liteon 1673s.

here is the cdfreaks liteon faq

and here is the section on bitsetting and it looks like its the same for sonys as for liteons.

good luck and post back if alls well or any problems.

Ew. Try using real software like ahead nero. If you dont want to pay for it there are other ways of obtatining it, but thats up to you.

What was the source for your burned disc? Was it a backup of a retail disc? If so you might want to try DVDSHRINK for recreating a single layer disc instead of NTI’s internal stuff.

Even with all of that said, its likely that your dvd player doesnt like the +R discs. Try it in a different player.

Ako after downloading that this is a screenshot of my setting can you tell if this is right or what do I change? I read through that tutorial thing but just get more lost thanks for your help I really appreciate it!-

hardware_failure I have nero 5.5 but unfortuanly that causes more problems for me since I converted the movie I cant get the audio_ts folder because I think I need the newer version which is $100 and unfortunaly I dont know the Other “ways” to get it. Also the source if a movie file about 1 hour and a half in length on my desktop trying to burn onto a dvd disc to view on a dvd player contacted to my tv thanks for your help so far!

you`ll need to put a +R disc in the drive, then select dvd-rom from the drop down menu, then click change. this will write to the drive and will burn all +R disc as booktype dvd-rom the disc type will stay as +R.

i use nero 5.5 all the time make sure youve got the latest, and you dont need the audio_ts folder just click on the video_ts folder and add.

here you go a guide to burning a dvd video in nero

With my nero it doesnt have burning rom so I used Express I still used his setup so the audio and video folders came up for the first time I double click the video and dragged the files in . There was nowhere to rename it though however. I burned it and it seemed to go through all the steps and looked promising but didnt work. On my dvd player on it said was loading and nothing happened… in my dvd burner when I opened up real player it said dvd but nothing played…any ideas?

Hey Matts… Use a DVD+R disc. When in Nero Express, and in the final burn settings, click on OPTIONS and select DVD-ROM then do your burn. If it doesn’t play in your standalone now, something is really hosed.

is was a bit late when i posted the nero guide and i didn`t realise it was just for the burning rom.

how to burn a video with nero express

  1. after running express select your dvd burner from the drop menu
  2. click "dvd-video files
  3. clck next here you name and seclect burn speed
  4. click burn
  5. load disc into dvdidentifier (google it its free) to check that it burned as booktype dvd-rom.
  6. if it still doesn`t work in your dvd player, then like sportfish says theres something a-miss with your player. try your burned discs on another player to test them.

hey ako thats ok I was wondering so now do I still use the guys guide thing I downloaded as that gave me both the video_ts and Audio_ts folders but others it just puts the files on the disk and not the folder? Also I dowloaded the DVD Identifer but dont quite understand what you want me to do. At the moment I only have DVD-T disc in my house after the +R failed me can I switch it to -R? Also with the identifier I see no pull down like on the other one to switch it to dvd must I do this after its burned? Sorry for all the questions but I have had this since sunday and im getting worried!

do which ever works best for you, i don`t have a problem using nero 5.5 and just adding the video_ts folder. i still get both audio_ts & video_ts.

just put the disc in select the drive and click identifi.

Sportfish when I click option there is nowhere to select DVD-ROM

Ako I tried the burnign with DVD+RW but when I tried to play it on my computer realplayer says title 1 and nothing happens but it realizes its a dvd so its like the video isnt getting on or something

Download DVDCrypter and try burning it with that. With DVDCrypter, when you select the drive you are burning to, right click and it brings up options to bitset +r media. Set it to -rom with a +r media, and see how that works.

Go to the Nero site and update to the latest version.

harley2ride EDIT I also browsed and selected the VIDEO_TS folder where it says please select a fodler so that isnt there

I set it to +RW and DVD-ROM (only have a +RW and can redo it if it doesnt work) is this how it should look i’ve seen other on the internet and the have files listed in the white space on the right side? Also how do I burn it I cant see a button anywhere

Check out this link. You may learn something. or this one

Your SOURCE should be your video file, and the DESTINATION should be your drive.