Software Problem: DVD Next copy ultimate

I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and when I try to activate, I get a message that says

"No connection to the server. Please check your InternetConnection/Firewall. If you are behind a proxy, please enter proxy settings. "

All of this is new to Windows 7, at least for me. When installed on Vista, there was no problem at all. I’m just wondering if with the new 7 installation if there was not some hitch somewhere that makes it impossible for me to activate it.

Help? Thanks.

What version of DVD neXt COPY? Click about when you open it to see. Is your firewall turned off and or are you using a proxy server?

I cannot answer any of those questions. When I launch with Windows 7, all I get is the dialog box to verify, so I can’t tell which version it is. As for a firewall and a proxy server, I think the likelihood is much more the latter than the former.

Xpress, Standard, Pro, Ultimate or neXt Tech version?


Check in the running processes that the Nalpeiron License Manager is indeed running.

I don’t see it as running.

Sorry I should of been more in detail.

Go to your windows services folder in windows and make sure that Nalpeiron Licensing Service is enabled. I have mine set to manual start. If it is not you won’t be able to anything with next tech. It is the Licensing Service for the program. Can’t hurt to try.

  1. click Start

  2. In Search type: Task Manager

  3. Click on Services Tab

  4. Bottom right Click on Services

  5. Scroll Down to Nalpeiron Licensing, It Should say “Started” in the status column

  6. If not "Started Hi light it, or right click for properties.

  7. Once hi lighted top left column will give options to Stop the Service or Restart the service.

  8. If stopped then restart, if Started, not your issue.

Then try to run/register.

“Scroll Down to Nalpeiron Licensing, It Should say “Started” in the status column”

Naperion Licensing does not appear in the listing.

Okay I looked into the program folder of DVD neXt COPY neXt Tech and I can’t see a way to start it. The program should be in: C:\Windows\system32

If not the firewall or an anti adware program is making this not start.