Software pirates run aground in California

I just posted the article Software pirates run aground in California..

In a huge show of force, federal officials in California USA arrested a software piracy group suspected of pirating $100 million dollars in software. They Ali family is considered to be key figures…

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I like it: swat teams “visit” :slight_smile:

This is what they get for pirating & selling for profit! No pity for them!! Behead them or something…

Operation Cyberstorm. How did they come up with that? In the military the name of an operation is meant to be anonymous sounding. And incidentally is referred to without the tag “operation” before the name. Perhaps they have taken a leaf out of Norman Swarzkopf’s book.

What is the matter w/ u ppl? Behead them? I don’t think I have ever paid for a piece of microsoft software in my life. Why should I? Just so Bill Gates can have more money? He’s already the richest man in the world. Who cares if people were making profit off piracy? Better than Microsoft making it. POWER TO THE PIRATES!!

Oh c’mon shark7. You say that you have more sympathy for people getting rich from stealing other people’s stuff and selling it? Sure, software prices are sometimes ridiculously high but I would rather spend my money on a product from someone who has worked hard to develop it than I would on a product from someone who has stolen it. Copying software is cool but we should keep it free. Making profit on stolen goods sucks big time!!!