Software pirates cost industry $11 billion



I just posted the article Software pirates cost industry $11 billion.

Of course, this $11bn figure plucked from the air by the BSA is somewhat like estimates of the value of drug seizures made by the police - it’s predicated on the notion everyone would be paying top…

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Quite frankly at the prices they are asking, no-one in their right mind will buy them, unless they are using them professionally. Casual users will find alternates or pirate them, just because they cannot see the benefit of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars if they rarely use it.


Alright Geezerz ! Wot really, really pisses me off is that even at deez kinda prices - da fuckaz still contain loadza bugs. Even games 'ave ‘em too - GTA3 iz infested wiv ‘em ! Any other product we cash out on usually has to abide by standardz, like cars, electrical stuff - but da software wankaz seem to get away wiv it time and time and time again ! By da way - I’m a software engineer ! (But I try my best) Seriously though geezerz - bugs are da cancer of computin’ and at 3500 dollars - fuckin’ ‘ell dey should be as rare as rockin’ horse shite ! Laterz … . :4


If stuff was around $20 per game, I would have never bought a CD burner, but since its like $60-70, the hell with buying!


eBwoy I can’t tell if you think you are being cool or if you are retarded. I tried to get through your post but ended up getting pissed off at your ridiculous language. I really doubt that english is not your native tounge and that you are trying to post in english.If that is the case than I’m sorry but if not quit the Rebonics And to the rest of you I think we all think that this is a crock of shit :r Software is too expensive for us to buy and if it wasn’t warezed then it wouldn’t be in our PC’s


DinZy, I have to agree with you on this one. eBwoy, your comment is VERY annoying to try to read. I believe it has been said many times in these pages, SPEAK ENGLISH. :frowning: c0bra


As was said , the only people who are going to pay $3000 for a program are professionals and they will claim the cost at tax time, so in reality the taxpayer pays, namely, all of us…:7


personally, I think that the only reason many home users know about photoshop or any other expensive software title is because they are warezed. How many home users do you know that go out and intentionally look for software above $150?


Figures like these are more bullshit than fact and heres the reasons why: Karel made a good point by saying that these figures are based off of the MSRP figure instead of street prices, which is easily 20%-40% lower. So that brings our figure down to $4.4bil Now realize the fact that the majority of people that warez software do not use the software in any serious manner, and while I have no way to even get a good estimation, lets just assume only 1 out of 100 warez’ers would actually buy it but got it for free anyways. Suddenly the figure goes down to $44mil and thats a far cry from $11bil. While I have gotten software without paying for it in the past, I do realize people who warez software that make money of the stolen software or were going to buy it are hurting the economy. Users need to take their place in the economic system (this isn’t communism guys!) and pay for software they really use… and that includes all you Nero kiddies, theres nothing more greedy and selfish than the guy who warez everything and then uses a warez’ed burning app to burn the stolen software.


Perhaps the upgrade edition of Photoshop is £150, but the full is more like £1000. The software industry already makes a very healthy profit. I don’t support warez for profit, but home users aren’t to blame for this problem. If a fair price was charged, then piracy would go down. It wouldn’t get rid of it completely, because some will still be misers and not pay. But a home user does not have £1000 for Photoshop or £400 for Office. When they’re being that greedy, and when they’re making huge profits, they wont get any sympathy from me. And Travis, piracy doesn’t hurt the economy, because the money you don’t spend on software (which incidentally, you probably wouldn’t have bought anyway) you will spend on SOMETHING. It all goes round in the end and it isn’t hurting the software giants much (look at the profits!). It isn’t hurting anyone.