Software pirate caught after courier delivery

I just posted the article Software pirate caught after courier delivery….

What do you think, if the police is raiding your house, and at the same moment a courier is at your door for delivering a package of illegal cd’s…

At the time Christopher Bottley was…

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Dont do the crime if you cant do the time… Its like drugdealers get one of the street 2 others taken the bizz over…

Let the man off I say, damn the police and thier constant interference. :frowning:

Sooner or later, people who are willing to take the risk with pirated software will simply download it from e-donkey et al. Let’s see the police stop that with their guns and batons! :4

I am sure the English police have more important thing to do like try and lock up hard drugs dealers and irish terrorists…

hard drug dealers, murderers, sex offenders, child pornographers, spouse abusers and the list goes on. there are so many worse things than piracy. “while raiding the poor bastard’s house, you girl was stuck by a speeding car, crippling her for life. no police were at the scene.” “here you go microsoft. we saved you an insignificant ammount of money to add to you barley finite collection. some girl is now a quadrapalegic but we think it’s worth it.”

Right on the money axia, so many worse things out there for cops to deal with and yet they waste time on piracy. Though I think they are only nailing big folks as I have yet to read of someone getting nailed for having just a pirated version of Windows 98. Remember: money (unfortantly) controls everything

We must remember , Police + Criminal w/badge! The Cops only harass people they think can or will pay, true law enforcement is bad for business.:8